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About Grandway Construction

Grandway Construction is a full-service residential construction company focused on luxury custom homes in Southern California. We provide a comprehensive suite of services that include pre-construction design and planning, comprehensive general contracting, outsourced bidding and cost estimation, construction management and supervision, developer advisory, entitlement, and owner consultation.

Our projects are found all around Southern California, as far west as Palos Verdes Estates, as far north as La Canada Flintridge, and as far east as Diamond Bar and beyond. We take pride in our seasoned team and our extensive network of architects, engineers, consultants and subcontractors suitable for just about every type of residential project. We are dedicated to serving our clients with the utmost transparency and integrity.

Our Team

Our accomplished team is dedicated to build your dream home and guide you along the way. From initial plan design & approval to final inspection walk throughs, we can successfully provide you a varying package of our services in-house.

Combined Experienced of Over 75 Years

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Refine Your Style

Grandway Construction believes your home should clearly reflect your unique style. That’s why we design and build homes to your unparalleled sense of style, whatever and however that may be. From Southern Italianate to Andalusian to Modern Transitional, we can build anything and everything you can dream of.








Solidified its importance in history with the founding of the Academy of Architecture in 1671, with elements founded upon ancient Rome. French architecture style often features a multitude of arches, pointed or rounded, in succession over walkways as well as along inner and outer walls.

Often features twisting columns, dramatic interior effects created with bronze and gilding. Often decorated with paintings of angelic figures, sometimes on domed ceilings.


Italy has a highly diverse and eclectic range of architectural designs, due to Italy’s division into several city-states until 1861. Ancient Roman architecture absorbed many Greek elements, with the use of vaults and arches together with stone and marble, creating imposing structures.

Italy’s Romanesque architecture typically features ribbed vaults, as well as basilicas incorporating side galleries. The Italian Renaissance was a conscious revival of classical Roman architecture, borrowing elements from that era.

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The Andalusia region has been inhabited by peoples of varying ethnicities and religious backgrounds, which have combined to create a style that incorporates Mediterranean character into Roman and Arab roots. Beige and brown are very commonly used colors for exterior walls, while the trims and windows are often painted lime green, in order to reduce the heat absorption in the Mediterranean sun.

Decorative elements such as black iron fences, elaborately painted ceramic or terra cotta tiles, and fountains are often found in the landscaping.

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Contemporary architecture is a global and eclectic architectural movement of the 21st century designed to be noticed and to astonish. The computer-aided design allows buildings to be constructed with more precision and speed, especially with the clean lines and irregular or asymmetric shapes often found in this style.

Often incorporates building materials such as concrete, glass, and exposed metals such as steel and aluminum.

gracie-emory-xBbe3zZmCp8-unsplash 1

The American Craftsman style was developed out of the British Arts and Crafts movement, which began in the 1860s. This movement was a reaction against the over-decorated aesthetic of the Victorian style, encouraging originality and simplicity of form.

This style boomed in the U.S. alongside the rapidly expanding American middle class in the 1890s. Common features include exposed natural materials such as lumber and steel, and the visibility of hand-crafted rather than factory-made design elements.


Originated in 19th century U.K. during the reign of Queen Victoria, after whom the style was named. Often feature intricate entrances, with cone-shaped towers and turrets that provide an impressive castle feel.

Oversized bay windows also add light and grandeur to the style. Elaborate decorative trim in the interior all around the house, from the fascia to baseboard to molding. Varied rooflines and asymmetrical designs make each house unique.

“Very stylish design, awesome neighborhood, absolutely gorgeous space! The Grandway team were very thoughtful and professional. Keep building!”

- Zhu, Client

“It's such a pleasure to work with Grandway Group! As a realtor for over 20 years, and with my expertise largely in home building, it's refreshing to work with a company that builds homes with the highest of quality and care. Grandway Group builds beautiful homes and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to build a home. You will be 100% satisfied with your decision!”

- Gerri W., Realtor

“I have known the Grandway Group for three years, and find them to be the NICEST people. So honest and fair and build beautiful homes. Cannot recommend them enough!"

- Brenda B., Client

"As an interior designer whose worked on multiple projects with Grandway, and they have been a pleasure to work/collaborate with. I have worked with many builders/contractors and I would highly recommend them."

- Siv K., Interior Designer