With over 10+ years of experience, Grandway Construction is a world-class general contractor + designer based in Los Angeles.
Build the home you have always dreamed about by putting our custom builders to work. Explore our custom estates today!


Grandway specializing in simplifying the New Construction Process for you starting from Lot Acquisition, to Schedule Development, and carry it out through Project Completion.

Obsession With Quality

The founders of Grandway Construction have one common trait: an obsession with bringing the highest quality homes to the most discerning homeowners. We build your home the same way we build our home, with the utmost care and respect. We don’t just pay attention to detail. We savor it.

We offer the entire suite of construction services tailored to your need, including:

Conceptual Design & Consulting

Planning & Permitting

General Contractor

Interior Design & Material

Service Area

Grandway Construction proudly serves Los Angeles along the 210 from La Canada and down the 57 to Chino Hills.